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The following people have submitted their names as supporters of a canned/raw food only high-meat-protein diet for felines. They need not be currently feeding their cat a canned/raw diet. No more submissions are being accepted at this time.

FNAE Supporter Location Currently Feeding
Barbara Costa RVT California raw
My cats have been eating homemade raw food since 2001. The raw diet saved the life of one of my cats who had severe IBD from a lifetime of kibble. I love seeing what the right diet can do for a cat.
  Kim Macdonald Medinah, IL canned
Cured my diabetic 10 year old kitty almost overnight! I cannot be more in favor of feeding cats high protein, no grain canned or raw food. What can I do to spread the word? I believe in this so much, I lost a cat to diabetes and at the time did not know what I now know thanks to the website: catinfo.org and now this.
Kate Chicago dry plus canned
Phoebe B Metro-Detroit, Michigan canned
My 5 cats eat grain free Wellness canned. Since 2006, we have had a diabetic cat and the diet makes a big difference in insulin needs. (Currently have two diabetic cats - adopted through DCIN - Diabetic Cats In Need - after our first diabetic passed away from cancer.)
C.N. Carmin Chicago, IL canned plus raw
Hahn Quebec City, Canada canned plus raw
I recently discovered that feeding dry kibbles to my cat was the cause of her obesity. Now I've switched to a canned and raw diet. Raw costs way less in the long term, but it's tough to get my cat to make the switch. However, I won't give up! I am a proud supporter of FNAE.
Colin Bailey Toronto canned
Another diabetes situation. I am weaning my cats off dry, moving to quality wet, and will soon try raw." 
Rebecca California canned plus raw
My cat used to vomit often; I thought it was "just a cat thing." Since I stopped feeding her dry food, she has not vomited once, and she has twice as much energy. I only wish I had known this information before my other cat died miserably from multiple ailments and a mystery disease - I highly suspect it was diet-related.
Jeanien Hudson, WI dry, canned, raw
I feed good quality canned, raw, and dry.
  Felice and Bert Los Angeles canned
8 years 3 months ago my cat got diabetes. I switched to Wellness canned without grains. He's still diabetic but very well controlled. He's going to be 18 May 2011. It's amazing that most people don't have a clue that cats are carnivores.
Maeve Austin California raw
Kibble kills.  I'll never go back.  It's all raw, whole prey now.  You can keep your cranberries and carrots in little baked biscuits with a wheat gluten (or plastic) base... they're not for my little obligate carnivore.
Jessica Olive Hill, KY dry
Currently, I only feed my cat dry. I was unaware that it made a difference. But, I plan on trying the change and seeing if it makes a difference.
  Elisa Katz DVM Connecticut canned, raw, dry
I feed my cat 30% canned, 30% raw and 30% grain free dry. The only time she gets "hairballs" is when she gets into my dog's food which has grain in it.
Lynne California raw
Stefanie Scheff Ventura, CA canned, raw 
I am still blown away with the marketing, support and sponsership the large manufacturers have on the veterinary universities.  Many vets still do not know that high fiber dry food will not help your diabetic or obese cat, it will only make him/her worse and probably lead to an early death.
Victoria Papa Greenfield, WI canned, raw
I began the switch from kibble to canned 9 years ago due to vomiting.  I started to incorporate raw a few years later.  Their health improved dramatically.  Dr Hodgkin's YOUR CAT is a must read.
Jessica Bell Charlotte, NC canned, raw
I'm in the process of transitioning my cats from canned to raw. They've been eating half canned/half raw for about three weeks now. First of all, I can't believe how much money I'm saving, and I'm purchasing very high quality meats from a local farm that are antibiotic and hormone free, and also organic organs. I was spending $54/week on high quality grain-free canned food for my three cats, now I'm spending $18/week! The most important thing to me is that I know every single ingredient that goes into my cats food is safe and has been handled properly. I can control the quality of ingredients that I put into their food. At first I was very nervous about not having the appropriate amount of vitamins/amino acids/minerals in the food, but I feel confident since I'm following time-tested recipes.
Jo Friedman Forest Park IL canned, raw
Bernd Jensen Newhall, CA dry
Eleanor Kellon VMD Pennsylvania raw
As a veterinarian and nutritionist, I fully agree with the contents of this site.
Kelly Joyce RVT Sudbury Ontario canned
Cory Paul Santa Clarita, CA canned, raw
I wish I could get my cat to do better with raw. I am still always trying, even if it's dehydrated and I try to reconstitute it, sometimes it’s a go.
Dakota Vancouver, BC  
My cat lived til 21 years of age. Up until 18 years of age, we fed a dry/wet diet. Her health was failing: back legs very weak; hyperthyroid; losing weight. We put her on a raw diet and she took to it easily and happily. Results: steady improvement: glossier coat, strength returned, weight improved; back to hissing at our 2 dogs!
Austin Waterford, MI  
Mona New York, NY canned
My cat has been on a dry food diet for about 9 years before I learned/realized that dry food is completely inappropriate for any cat. My cat is obese (and has early signs of CRF) because of this dry food. Since switching to wet food, my cat has lost some weight but he is still obese and struggling with CRF...
Blue Majesty Russian Blue Cat Holistic Cattery Marlen, Germany raw
We have been successful with raw feeding in our cattery for several years. On the BARF diet (Biologically Adequate Raw Feeding) our cats are extremely resistant; they get never ill. Even if not restricting their daily portions, our cats are never obese. They are lean but strong and energetic with shiny coats and eyes. They also have never had any pregnancy problems; kittens are lively and grow well, the mothers having plenty of milk. It all speaks for itself as an advertisement for the natural raw food diet and we want to spread the knowledge on raw feeding to all cat lovers.
Deborah Jacksonville, FL dry, canned
Vincent New York, NY raw
We have three cats, all rescued. The two boys were in bad shape, abused and neglected. One of them was dying and the other one had severe asthma and allergies to name but a few things. We switched them to raw food and the changes have been amazing. The girl and one of the boys switched in two, three days. For the other boy, it took two months to gradually do the switch. Now all three cats are thriving, their coats are shiny and silky. They just have that amazing glow. And their poop does not smell.
Mary Ellen Arizona canned
I have a 14yr old cat that I am losing to the "multiple ailments, mystery illness" that another reader mentioned. I have transitioned my 3 remaining cats to no grain canned, as low in carbs as I can find. They are looking and feeling better, I think. I wish I had done it sooner for Sophia. This whole cat nutrition research is new for me. I can't feed raw, but I am considering a home cooked food for them eventually. So glad I found this site.
Vivian Kline New York, NY canned
I also feed him 100% chicken treats.
Jill J. Brooklyn, NY dry, canned
I am excited to try the raw diet for my cat. I think in the long run he will be much happier. Thank you so much for sharing.
Mollie Morrissette Willets, CA raw
After researching the pet food industry - I quickly realized that most commercial pet food leaves much to be desired - in fact could lead to many health problems, disease and early death. My mission is to inform others of the dangers associated with most commercial pet food diets on my website www.poisonedpets.com.
Emilie Smith Spartanburg, SC canned
I had my cats on dry food until my 7 yr old was diagnosed with Diabetes. It took months to get him regulated but switching to wet food has brought down his insulin need to half. Still working on trying to get him off "the juice"! My others had no problem switching!
Heather Scott   canned, raw
The best and most amazing thing that has EVER happened to my cat, he went from having dry flaky skin, having a LUTO, and he was 17.5 pounds and is now 12 pounds (he is a large cat) , he has energy, loves to play and never vomits or has soft stool, he also used to seek out water all of the time even when I had him on canned and dry, he rarely if ever drinks water anymore. I sincerely wish this was more common knowledge!
Maria Wakefield,         Bs AnSc Harrisburg, PA dry, canned, raw
I have a 7 year old inside-outside cat that I found when he was 5 weeks old. He is in excellent health, has stellar teeth (never needed professional cleaning), gorgeous coat, excellent weight and robust attitude. I alternate between canned rabbit and dehydrated raw rabbit or duck (rehydrated of course). I believe because he has the option to pick what he wants to eat, he is able to balance his needs nicely. I currently work for a whole food supplement company and educating my clients on appropriate nutrition is part of my job. Thank you for all the education I've been able to learn about feline nutrition. So excited to be able to pass along solid information to others.
Magaret Polino Bayside, NY canned
Trying to switch to raw.
Jane Farmingdale, ME dry, canned, raw
Trying for canned and raw only.
Dana Mayer Rancho Cucamonga, CA canned, raw
I am trying to source the organ meat to switch to homemade…
Letrisa Miller MS, DVM Manchester, CT dry, canned
I have two cats that would rather die than give up their dry food, and as a veterinarian (solo practitioner) it is difficult to fit my schedule around feeding reluctant cats, thus my own cats get some dry food. I strongly recommend canned or home made only diets for my patients and it makes all the difference in the world in their health.
I am not a fan of raw diets (No ground meat should ever be fed uncooked!), but I do like partial cooked or raw freshly killed diets.
Regina Florida canned
I had 2 of my 3 kitties diagnosed in March this year with Diabetes after noticing them frequenting the water bowl. Their diet consisted of mostly wet food and 1/4 cup of dry a day. The sugar was in the high 400's.  I chose to not go immediately on insulin and try to first modify their diet as they were overweight. Just by dropping the dry food, which by the way was an expensive high protein brand too, within time they lost weight and trimmed up.  I monitored their blood levels along the way.  I also chose to change them to Sheba chicken pate.  Their recent check-up shows their levels and weights within the normal range. Amazed at how much a little dry food every day impacted their precious health, especially after so many years of being a cat owner and being told how much better dry food was for my babies.
CW Fort Falls Church, VA canned
Two of my three cats eat only grain-free canned. The other nearly starved himself to death rather than eat canned, so he gets grain-free dry mixed with chicken broth.
Susanne San Luis Obispo canned
On canned now (was dry plus canned). My two kitty boys were having hard stools and urinary tract blockage. After two bouts with one at the vet, that was enough. Sought out to be educated. Still experimenting with making homemade using Lisa Pierson's recipe. So glad I found out the truth about dry food.
Andi New Jersey dry, canned, raw
Monique Arsenault Cochrane dry, canned, raw
Asiyah Fox Seattle, WA canned
I recently switched all three of our cats to canned only. We haven't made the transition to raw yet, but have tried and will continue to do so. Our main concern is no dry food! I only wish I had known earlier how detrimental it is, as my oldest may soon lose her battle with kidney disease. Our household is very sad to watch her struggle, and I'm currently furious the dry food companies have been allowed to continue their sales as usual without warning labels or anything. These companies are akin to big tobacco, in my opinion. The evidence shows a direct connection from dry food to kidney disease by way of dehydration. Apologies for any note of anger. It's just hard to watch someone I love so much leave this world in such a slow, painful, and PREVENTABLE way. I would be happy to assist anyone in any awareness campaigns against feeding dry food regularly!
Renée Cristine Brasil dry, canned
I'm a feline vet and decided to study more about nutrition. I just want to offer the best I can for my cats and my patients.
Di Murray Bendigo, Australia raw
My two have had ibd for 4 yrs and now resorptive tooth disease. Raw kangaroo has been great and I follow Dr. Lisa and Anne Jablonsky as best I can.
Yun Swanson Gloucester, MA canned
Willing to learn about feline health.
Heather Pedersen Toledo, OH raw
As Toledo's only feline behaviorist, I see the benefits every day when my clients transition their cats off kibble. I have 5 cats of my own, including a shelter cat whom I show in TICA and who is a registered therapy cat.
Omar Revere, MA dry, canned, raw
3 cats mom & son, friend(m). All ate the same diet including occasional fresh caught rabbit brought home by mom. Friend had to get emergency p.u. surgery. No more dry, ever again for any of them. Canned with added water till raw and homemade raw is implemented. Loki had to sacrifice his little member to live. DRY- curse the extruder for dry.
Millicent P. Hollins Atlanta, GA dry, canned, raw
We are switching to Feline Instincts raw. We were giving our cats, what we thought was high quality dry and canned foods. Then our oldest cat was diagnosed with Stage II CKD. Therefore we decided to slowly transition from dry,canned and some raw to raw only diet.
Liz's Loving Pet Care Highland Park, NJ canned
Lynn Curtis' Feline Nutrition book was very helpful to me when my personal cat was first diagnosed with CKD. Excellent info to help me sort through the many cat food options! I now encourage all my cat parent clients to incorporate wet food into their cats' diets.
Lauren Hammerle Ridgewood, NJ dry, canned, raw
Ava Coleman Rochester, NY dry, canned
Just had a bout with inflamed Pancreas, checking options.
Josephine McClelland Dorset, Ontario, Canada raw
Two of my cats get cooked and canned mixed and the other three get raw only.
Laura Comerford Lake Ronkonkoma, NY dry
Don Hanson Bangor, ME dry, canned, raw
I am so pleased to have found this site, thanks to reading "Feline Nutrition: Nutrition for the Optimum Health and Longevity of your Cat." I am a big proponent of raw diets for my own pets as well as those of my clients. I have been feeding my dogs various commercial raw diets since 2001. One of my cats is fed canned and raw, and my oldest, she will be 16 in May, is fed predominantly canned with some dry.
Millie Fitzpatrick Clifton Park, NY canned
Have brother and sister aged 10 cats. Scotty is diabetic. Needs low carb food only.
Carol Morris California canned, raw
I learned of raw feeding when I purchased a Russian Siberian kitten. Cats have been my passion over 30 years. I feed raw/cooked and sometimes canned. I give a variety of foods for I do not want a fussy cat. Any canned is considered a high-end quality brand. I continue to learn more about raw feeding and felines in general on a daily basis. I find their physiology and history fascinating.
Skip Byrd New Jersey dry, canned
Josephine McClelland Dorset, Ontario, Canada raw
Tammy KS dry, canned
My goal is to use less dry food and more canned food til my cat doesn't even want the dry anymore! I'm fairly new at all this nutritional info on wet food but I'm on a mission now to feed my cats a healthier, more appropriate diet after losing another cat to kidney failure.
Laura Denver, CO dry, canned, raw
My cats have been eating half raw, with access to high quality kibbles for about two weeks now. I am hoping to transition them in the next month to fully raw. One is obese, and I am concerned for too much weight loss too quickly, as I have already had one cat pass away do to liver necrosis caused by her weight loss. The other is very energetic, and I see far less dander in their fur already, and my allergies are seeming to reduce.
Debbie Indiana dry, canned

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